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Utopia Book, profiles

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Hello, sorry for the delay. Here are my translation for the Utopian profiles in the Utopia book.
Thanks for you time reading and correcting my mistakes. I'll put in red what I'm really unsure of.

Capinaña Evan
No one ever talk about her early years in Port Salvador or her first crossing during the return expedition. The story begin with the men that gathered around the Capitaña and the ship she make them build. The Sea Slingshot/revolt first attracted the gibes of the other captains until they see it sail. Since then, the Capitaña is still growing by the day. In the dives of Port Libre, Tails are spread that she have been a driller in Forteza, guardian on Chora, Harponeer with the legendary hunters. What really push them to sail at her side is that she's one of the few that dare confronting to Sarre Cossa. Unless the richness of her ship's hold is the true reason…

Lerofòn, master of waves
Keep pujlanar alive providing them from destroying each other and stay oneself alive is the daily life of the Bokor on Chora. That's why, when the antasmoïsa's recolt season come, they are plentiful to be volunteer to accompany the legendary hunters despite the risks of sailing on the ocean so close to the Espaçot. From those Bokor, one of them have become a legend : Lerofòn, master of waves. It is said that he was the only one to survive to a sprawling sea monster's attack of whom he pulled off a teeth. It is also said that he walked on the water to harvest the blue algae vital to pujalnar and came back riding a whale ! So many stories are told about him since he has been found on a beach of Chora's island. He was found alone, holding two filled bags in his right hand, his left hand tight on a narwhal's horn.
About those stories, he tells nothing. Since he returned, he's mute.

Foldo Sensamuerto
Growing up in Forteza et wanting to be a sailor is succeeding Utopia's synthesis. This is also the best way to be outside of every trades of the utopian society. A true jack of all trades, Foldo succeeded to embark as a freebooter on The Sea Slingshot/revolt for its first journey. From one of the many raids in the coastal villages of Avalon, he picked up a crossbow from the body of a dead recruit.
His technician's talents did the rest on the way back. He disassembled and reassemble it as a complex weapon, capable of shooting two bolts at the same time. However he didn't stop there. Back to Forteza, he hooked one of his own K'unti to it, one that dispose of 4 different batteries.
Now he don't search which world he belongs, Foldo is the artefacer of the Sea Slingshot/revolt.

Virato Servilano
From the old captain of Port Salvador he was, nothing left. One morning, Virato left with two of his men on a rowing boat , abandoning his ship to the major of the crew. A cycle later, he reappear alone to Port Libre. Just as he landed, he went before Sarre Cossa and claimed a place of second in command on the first ship ready to sail. Of this past cycle or about his two companions, no one ever asked him some explanations. Neither about the way he obtained his place. Nonetheless, no one ever put into questions his skills as an officer. He knows how to make himself understood from the men with a simple sign of his boat hook and rare are the ones that dare question his judgments.

The story begun like a joke. One morning, he have been found heavily wandering on a fishermen balsao, not far away from the Molhe. He apparently wanted to get on board of a ship. A fisherman, less fearful than the others took him on his board to accompany him to Chora. Unfortunately, he had to come back swimming and had lost his arawa. Unreasonably tired, the fisherman was luckily alive. He had been the laughingstock of the drunkards for a long time, but he had been able to obtain a new ship thanks to the major. Every month, the homonculus did the same on different balsae until the day we made the link between those events.
The story of Chun’Qay, as he was now known arrived to Port Salvador where a … named Anapa start worrying about it. Where was this puljanar from and what was he doing with the stolen arawas? The investigation didn't bought a single clue. Evaluating the precise number of puljanar on Chora is pretty hard, knowing if one of them was missing even among the ones with a superior will was even more difficult. Fishermen found sometimes some puljanar flotting in the … Detroit Des hurlements … , more dead than alive. But they never found any of them alive, wandering in the Main island.
The missing arawas were found by a young heron hunter in the long grass of Suyay’s bay. Hidden from everyone's sight, Chun’Qay had built a little balsao and a fleet. The scattered bodies of other puljanar let us think that he tried to gather a community around him but in vain… kind and with a lot of drug, Anapa lead him to Port Salvador where he made him embark on the … dévoreuse … ship ready to go.
Since this day, this the fishermen from Engolimo that could talk about Chun’Qay, if only he let them a chance to...

Foam apprentice
(don't know about this name, he doesn't appear on the english version or architekt)
It is extremely rare that a child choose to become Boko.
Sailor’s careers are obviously the most desired, some children choose to be breeeder or farmers like their parents or artefacers, for the ones born in Forteza, but Boko, never. 50 cycles ago, Bokor quite disappeared. Legendary hunters took the decision to give, every cycle, one of their children in apprenticeship on Chora. To keep their links to the ocean and their family, those apprentice accompany once per season the legendary hunters in their venture near the Espacot.
Every trip is the occasion for them to acquire new knowledge and train their power.

Water diviner
For a long time, Bokor searched a way to use alchemy to help pujlanar reducing their pain or limiting their mutations without great success. One day, they realise that their power could be of better use if it was protecting themselves or the Guardians from the sneaky agressions of some pujlanar. Water diviners are born from this remark. Designed among the most fearful alchemy apprentice, or the most careful as they like to call themselves, water diviners spend long weeks of a total asceticism on the rocky beaches of the void talking to the ocean or searching for stones and fluids that will suit their exercises at best. Once the necessary concentration level acquired, they become able to focus very quickly to control malicious or aggressive pulsions of the pujlanar or any other assailant.
This is this ability, despite their reluctance to get close of what remain their patients, that makes water diviners indispensable members of the maritime expeditions for the trading on the great continent.

On a ship, the space is for goods, not for men. Every sailor must be able to work like two men and only take half of a place. According this, those who are simply called sailor are at the same time indispensable craftspersons which can repair the sails, caulk the hold and efficient to maneuver for the officer of the watch don’t have to repeat orders twice. Furthermore, the vast majority of those sailors participated in the ship’s construction or with the docking maintenance of the ship they’re sailing on. But those sailors are also skilled warriors that often had the occasion to fight and play with death. Those who land to trade now get into the habits of wearing a shooting weapon coming from the artefacer’s discoveries, the kunturi. If this artefact is still problematic sometimes, its utility is no longer to demonstrate.

No ship ready to go on the continent would take the risk of leaving without a sharpshooter onboard. Indeed, one of those shooters saved the Capitaña’s life during a raid on a coastal khaliman village. Sons and daughter of sailors put into apprenticeship with the artefacers, the sharpshooters win their kunturi when prove themselves capable to manipulate and fix it. With those weapons in their possession they don’t have to search for a long time to find a ship on which embark.
They are frequently employed as look-out or sails dropper, because besides their good eyesight, they do not suffer from vertigo. But this is during rough encounters, on land or at sea, that the sharpshooters fulfil their potential. Firmly standing on a promontory, they do not hesitate so suffer burns from their own weapon to shoot many times and free their crew partners from a troublesome opponent.

Unlike the majority of other sailors, filibusters doesn't possess any part of the ship he is onboard and usually hasn't participated to its construction. He is A native of a balsao that didn't had the chance of being the apprentice of a sailor. He instead stick to the role of apprentice or net user in a fish pirogue in the best case. Accustomed to menial tasks, he acquired sure footing and improvisation at unequaled level. That's why, despite the lack of metal on utopian’s islands, the future filibuster gather one by one enough pieces to craft his equipment which he proudly wear : knifes, cleaver, billhook… The vigor he will deploy to protect them from covetousness will complete training. When he fills ready to offer his services, he complete his arsenal with a horseshoe crab’s shell that he attach to his arm as only protection.
Despite the lack of space on ships, it is unusual that a captain doesn’t recruit a few of those adventurers to complete his crew. Efficient on maneuver or supplies procurement, the filibuster know his payment will only depend of his ability. But this is during the coastal raids that he will reveal his true potential. Despising shooting weapons, which he could never pretend to claim, he rush toward those who interfere with his captain’s trade and let the other ones achieve or heal his victims.

Gaurdian of Chora
The arrival on the great island allowed Utopians to isolate pujlanar on the islet of Chora, Bokor taking care of them. The sea inlet was sadly too narrow to contain the most dangerous pujlanar or those who possessed oceanic mutations. Furthermore, it was necessary to protect the apprentices that couldn’t stay under the vigilance of their mentors. So big collective huts, wuasi, were build to receive them them and supervisor have been searched. But watch Puljanar wasn’t part of the ambitions of the great’s residents. The major of Port Salvador then took the decision to send convicts on Chora. Under the bokor’s orders, they started to dig long canals to isolate the wuasi. This is capturing the big sea turtles to populate canals that they invented string pole/handle. Some twenty cycles later, the Guardain’s of Chora unit was officially created with the inauguration of the guardians house in Port Salvador.
The ancient outcast were now protectors and the only fighting force really constituted of Utopia.
Faithful to their origins, guardians of Chora refuse to use artefacts, but their equipment have been upgraded. To the string pole/handle they add thick pants made of seal’s skin and more important, dorsal rostrum that protect them from pujlanar’s strangulations.

Among all pujlanar that haunts Chora’s island, homonculus are probably the biggest, but also the most gentle. Since the first time of their exil, they have been faithful companions of Bokor, protecting them from their aggressive brothers. In exchange, they just needed warmth and friendship they fed of. This ability have been maintained and developped until obtaining the homonculus that now accompany utopians ships in their crossing.
About this friendly aspect, few poeple know except from the Boko that follow hem. They appear too scary for anyone to dare approach them, so they approach themselves to feed...

Adulterated and transformed by the combine effect of drugs and anarchic green growth on their body, the bodies of pujlanar have had to find adaptations to survive. The lack of antasmoïsa, the lack of heat, the mineral and organics needs are as many explanations to their constant hunger. Necromorphs are fragile pujlanar that had to feed before being excluded by the other pujlanar, more powerful. This is why they became very fast to suck the life of their prey. The viewing of a body disapearing under all their tentacles in a fraction of seconds is awfully unbearable.

Leviathan hunter
Once every cycle on the great Island, usually during the early winter, an utopian woman give birth to an ocean child as we usually call those those children of a disproportionate size. Nobody know in which family he's gonna appear, but at the end of autumn, midwifes travel across the island to find them. It is important to quickly identify the mothers carrying such children cause they have to release them 2 month before normal schedule. Those children then grow up under the permanent surveillance of a midwife. At the end of his first cycle, he's already one meter tall, he can go back to his family. At the age of 3 cycles, he is bigger than most adults and is welcome by legendary hunters that will turn him into a … leviathan hunter.
Nobody know the origin of those fabulous children, however a legend tell the story of Hacha Tansa the harponneer. She would have been back pregnant after several months alone near the void and would have the first mother of an ocean child 300 cycles ago.

Medusa hunter (writing this name... I wondered : Meduse is the mythological beast killed by Persée, the animal is jelly fish... So ? Aren't there a probelm with the name or the description?)
If having a very tall hunter is an undeniable asset to fight against huge sea predators, it is also useful to have some members thinner and faster. Some of the legendary hunters have the habits of spiking their weapon or their clothes with darts they coat of fresh jellyfish filaments. This is why they're now called medusa hunters and are always competing to know which one of them is the fastest, the most toxic or the agilest.
This competition between them, that lead them to death sometimes, push captains into engaging only of them at a time.

Among artefacers and sailors practise a single activity is unthinkable seeing the amount of work that requires to be done. Some are explorers with multiple functions that have to discover new rooms, sole others are specialists in a particular field they excel at, but all are also technicians capable of analysing, maintain and repair artefacts. Grimpaors are the one called when vertical ways need to be open. Artefacts repairer and at home in the shrouds, there is no difficulty for them at finding a post on a ship. This way, they prove to sailors their utility when they throw their grapple on an enemy ship and jump behind it, taking advantage of the astonishment created by the k’unti.

No one predict the development of fighter abilities among the artefacers. Their role was to explore the underground of Forteza and understand the functioning of artefacts they discovered. Of course some of them have had to fight when they accompany the ships in Engolimo but the vast majority of them stayed away from fight in the heart of the big island. Until the day where the wall of a naashti room opens revealing a group of armed naashti that forced the explorer flee.
Since this day, the tunnels exploration took an other face. Every artefacer equipped his main tool with an alchemico-energetic battery called k’unti. Once more in mankind history, tools became weapon.

I'll try to traduce soon the end of the book : lists, scenario and weapons.

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